Juna D.
We weren't exactly sure what to expect. There were no pictures of the inside so we took a few pictures for others who may be curious and want to see what it's like inside. It's a pretty interesting concept. You can order ahead online or order with the kiosk when you get there. There is not a lot of parking so I would suggest ordering ahead. When your order is ready it is put into one of the lockers there and you will get a code by text to open the locker. Janis is one of 20 or so restaurants that share that space. The food was really good. We got a couple of bowls (sisig and adobo) and an order of lumpia. The bowls were a really good value. They give a lot of rice and meat. I especially loved the garlic rice. I would definitely go back to try other things on the menu. Glad to have more Filipino food in Utah.
Chelzca Timbol
Do yourself a favor and try Janis Filipino Cuisine. For a quick lunch or dinner, or for any celebrations our families go to Filipino food. Trusted food quality, and service. I got lots of compliments how AMAZING the food was from my daughter’s birthday party, loud and proud would tell them it’s from “Janis Filipino Cuisine”👌🏼 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!🫶🏼❤️‍🔥
Charissa Mider
Great Filipino place. I just wish they have the option for us to remove (side of vegetables) and an option on how you want your egg cooked.
Janina Marie Jerusalem
Their deep fried liempo is something that you'll keep coming back for.
Jason Zuno
I recently had the pleasure of trying the bangsilog dish at Janis Filipino Cuisine, and I must say, it was an absolute delight. The dish was prepared to perfection, with the milk fish expertly fried to a crispy golden brown and the egg cooked to a beautiful sunny-side-up. What set Janis Filipino Cuisine's bangsilog apart was the flavor profile of the dish. The fish had a subtle but delicious seasoning, and the rice was cooked with just the right amount of garlic, giving it a wonderful aroma and flavor. The dish was well-balanced, and every bite was a symphony of flavors that worked in perfect harmony. The service at Janis Filipino Cuisine was also impeccable. Overall, I highly recommend Janis Filipino Cuisine's bangsilog for anyone looking for a tasty and authentic Filipino food.
Ariana O.
This is a pick up place only- no seats to dine in! Janis Filipino Cuisine shares a building with other restaurants, and they're all picked up in the same area. Once you walk through the door, there's a screen you can order from if you hadn't already ordered online. I tried the SISIGSILOG (Flavorful pork dish with garlic and chilis), LIEMPOSILOG (Deep Fried Pork Belly) ADOBOSILOG (Chicken), EMBOTIDOSILOG (Filipino Style Pork Meatloaf), and BIKO (a sweet rice cake topped with toasted coconut cream. All these dishes are really good! Instead of the usually white styrofoam box, the meal comes in a deep bowl with the rice on the bottom and the entree on the top. It's easy to hold and one entree was a good size for one person. The parking lot is a bit small, but I'm guessing the turn over is fairly quick since all these restaurants are pickup. I'm looking forward to trying the other dishes soon!
Janina Jerusalemm
Their deep fried liempo is something that you'll keep coming back for.
meliame moonia
I order Lumpia’s they are amazing!!!! love it fresh and tatsy
Nadine Sebastian
The BEST EGG ROLL!!!! Must try 😍🤗🤩